Volunteer Vet Clinic Team

At the Volunteer Vet Clinic in Hendersonville animals are our passion, not just our business. With many of our staff having multiple pets of their own, we understand that your furry friends provide far more than companionship.

They are confidants, cuddle buddies, troublemakers, protectors, and so much more. Simply put, pets paw into a special part of our lives and we believe that they deserve just as much respect, tenderness and care as any other family member.

Here at Vol Vet Clinic, you can feel at ease knowing that your pets will be treated well and come away from our exams even healthier than before.

With decades of experience, we know the ins and outs of every procedure you may need for your animal companion, whether it’s a routine vaccination or complex surgery. We serve pets of all shapes and sizes, from domestics to exotics.

Let us be your go-to partner for pet care and we’ll ensure that you’ll enjoy fun and friendship for many years to come. Give us a call today so that we can give your pet the support it deserves:

(615) 824-8411


Cute puppy

This clinic is one of the best I have ever walked into. All the staff were very kind and caring, the vet was very knowledgeable. They were serious about helping me save our zippy bunny and we are working our way out of the woods now. Zippy has eaten twice on her own and is doing much better than I expected. Thank you all so much!

— R. Slaughter

Bless them all! We just took our boys in to them this morning. This was the best experience we have ever had with any vet or clinic! They were beyond angels and made sure we were 100% content with the diagnosis and left with reassurance about how to care for them. They were so kind to our kitty cats… I highly recommend them and will be taking my babies to them from now on for any veterinarian needs.

— J. Erin

Dr. Dixon is amazing! His techs are as well. He takes care of our exotic birds and this past week we had a horrifying tragedy… [now our cockatoo] is doing fabulous! Best vet I’ve ever dealt with. He will continue to take care of ALL of my birds.

— C. Aspeotes Balliet

If you have to make an emergency vet trip on a Saturday NO better place than Volunteer Veterinary Clinic. Our sweet Sadie Mae has a torn ACL but thanks to the wonderful Dr. Dixon and Mary Benet Davis these dog parents are resting a little easier and Sadie’s finding some comfort. Phenomenal care!

— J. Irvin



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